What Our Clients Are Saying About Team Dianetti

We have experience in many different industries – manufacturing, insurance, banking, healthcare, retail, government, transportation logistics, and information technology. Here is a sampling of past clients along with much-appreciated recommendation comments.

YB12 Master Coach

I have been working with Bob Dianetti, as a fellow YB12 Coach, since 2014. Bob is a consummate professional, who is committed to helping individuals and businesses to succeed. I am continually impressed by Bob’s breadth of knowledge, his commitment to his own ongoing professional development, and his strong focus on helping his clients. I am happy to recommend Bob to anyone who wishes to improve their results.

Anna McKinlay

Partner at Sandler Training at the Ruby Group

I am writing this recommendation because of my strong belief in Bob and his abilities. I have had the privilege to get to know Bob almost 5 years ago and have been working with him for the past few years. Bob is a life-long “student of the game” with respect to business, leadership development and sales growth. He already possessed a significant skillset in sales, leadership and management prior to engaging with Sandler, but it is a testament to him and his intellectual humility that he has continued to attend and reinforce his skills with Sandler for approximately 15 years. I am proud to call him a friend. Anyone that has the privilege to engage with Bob Dianetti in anything would find the experience extremely rewarding.

Ken Guest

Lubrizol Corporation

Bob worked on a project for me a number of years ago. I found him to be very conscientious, thorough, hard working and ethical. I have maintained contact with Bob over many years because I benefit from and enjoy our conversations about business practices and industry trends.

Holly Fitzgerald, Sr. Marketing Advisor

The Ruby Group

I have been working with Bob for the past 6-years and during that time he has demonstrated a strong determination to service his clients and partners in whatever way then need. Bob is the type of person you can call on if you need another ear or advice on a certain topic. He has an innovative and yet technical mind that can help any professional or business owner get un-stuck and see new possibilities.

Holly Rhodes, Owner

Morgan Stanley

Bob is a keeper! When all of Bob’s competitors were going out of business during the dot.com bubble burst, he honed his business plan and became even better at what he does. His company not only survived – but thrived during that period of time. He has an uncanny ability to choose excellent people that are loyal to him because of his loyalty to them. “Labore est Orare”

Greg Naples, Financial Advisor

DRK&A, Inc

Bob is an exceptional small business CEO and a professional in every sense of the word. He has high standards both for the work product which his company delivers and for the integrity with which he deals with his clients and business partners, and he has instilled those standards in his professional staff. Bob is a serious student of his profession; he encourages his staff to grow professionally and insists that Radcom bring thought leadership as an added value to its clients.

I have known Bob for about twenty years and am pleased to provide my enthusiastic recommendation.

Dan Konfal, Principal

I Got Your Back Massage and Wellness Center

Bob has been my coach for almost a year now! His coaching has definitely made a huge impact on my life and how I approach situations as a business owner. Being a business owner can be quite challenging. With Bob as a coach, I can accept challenges boldly and confidently. I’ve made some not so good business decisions and I’ve made some good ones too. Having Bob as my coach is the BEST decision I’ve made!! I’m honored to have him as a coach! I’m proud to be on Team Dianetti!

Shay Somerville, Owner

Cuyahoga Falls Retail Business

Bob’s program helped me to organize my ideas for growth, both personally and professionally. I have been more focused on priorities and more efficient as a result.


PlanSoft Corporation

When I led Training and Professional Services at PlanSoft Corporation, we simply had more work than we could handle (we were a start-up software firm turning dot-com). There was a boutique training design firm nearby named RADCom – led by Bob – so we gave them a shot. It turned out to be a very wise investment. When you write these recommendations, you need to choose 3 of 7 top attributes to describe a service provider. I’m a relatively decisive guy, but frankly, I had a hard time. They all described Bob and his company. He was able to provide the exact level of design and technical documentation support that we needed for a variety of projects, at a fair price – and his staff did great work. I found him flexible, a great communicator, and extraordinarily knowledgeable about instructional design, development, e-learning and performance support. Today, years later (he didn’t recruit him away), the lead e-learning designer that I mentioned, now works for Bob. This speaks highly of Bob’s ability to attract and retain top design talent, and run a great company. I recommend considering RADCom’s services, and offer the highest recommendation for Bob personally.

Mike Kunkle, Salesforce Transformation Leader

SpeedPro Imaging Akron

We have used Bob’s Team Building and his Sales Training services and have found them both to be very valuable. The team found his PXT Select assessments to be spot-on and the positive results of his Sales Training were experienced almost immediately. Bob and his team are a valuable resource for any business.

Gerald Stout

Leek Pipe Organ Co.

We would highly recommend Mr. Robert Dianetti, as a Business Development and Sales Coach. He has coached our family members/owners in a niche business since Fall 2018 to help us establish an effective sales process for our products and services. He went above and beyond our coaching agreement, advising us on operations and human resources matters in addition to sales. He is a big picture thinker and intimately aware of the tactical nuances/challenges of implementing organizational change. We respect him greatly for his depth of knowledge, keen wit and wisdom.

Natalie Leek

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