Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.

Increased Productivity
Professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity.

Positive People
Building the self-confidence of employees to face challenges is critical in meeting organizational demands.

Return on Investment
Coaching generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to measurable outcomes. The vast majority of companies (86%) say they at least made their investment back.

Business Coaching

Do you need coaching around a specific issue you are having in your business? Need ongoing coaching to keep you focused and on track doing the things that you know you should be doing business? Business coaching can help. It is lonely running your own business at times – wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk with who understands and can help you build your own business success? Let this be the year you grow your business to new heights and be more satisfied with your life at the same time.

Sales Coaching

Are you a sales professional or perhaps someone who manages a team of sales people? Are you hitting your numbers this month? Or this year? If not, then it’s time to get serious. Selling is the lifeblood of your company – combine sales training and coaching into a comprehensive package and get things moving in your company. Team Dianetti can assess, train and coach either individual salespeople or the entire sales team. Find purpose and a new sense of direction in sales – and make more money!

Leadership/Executive Coaching

First time supervisor or manager? Or a manager moving up or aspiring to an executive level in your organization? The complex interplay of tasks, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary are daunting. Let Team Dianetti help you sort all of it out for you and help you guide your career to the next level.

Team Development and Coaching

How functional (or dysfunctional) is your team at present? Have you tried to fix it? How well did it work out? We use a variety of tools like DiSC®, MBTI, and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ along with individual coaching. Watch your team start to come together and show some real results. Team Dianetti works with you to design a very specific custom-tailored program that will help you engage your team members and get everyone moving in the same direction.

Results Program

Looking to drive passion, performance and profits? The Results Program helps teams and individuals to have the best year of their professional and personal lives. This is a 12 month program leveraged across 3 phases: Strategy – Empowerment – Results.


The Results Program includes:

  • A Strategy Planning session with the entire team to gain commitment around the overarching vision and theme for the 12 month period. The team develops goals, objectives and strategies to provide focus and a concrete action plan.
  • A personal Goal Setting session to gain clarity and alignment of personal goals.
  • A targeted 12-month life skills coaching program, each monthly module around 1-1.5 hours, to empower people to win, both professionally and in their lives. Participants become motivated, accountable and results focused.
  • Reviews every month to drive accountability, momentum and completion of participant’s business and personal plans.
  • Coaching support by email, phone and webinar between sessions.
  • Relevant Reference Manuals (Strategy Book and Study Guide) to support the program.

Get To Know Everything DiSC®

Get to Know Everything DiSC®

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