Sales Success Program

Team Dianetti’s Sales Success Program has you covered with everything you need to develop a complete set of selling and sales management skills. Learn how to structure a sales conversation with customers and perform proper questioning to enhance your sales staff’s ability to connect, overcome objections and close sales confidently. Empower your sales managers with a clear understanding of the various responsibilities of successful sales management with a focus on sales forecasting, planning and sales territory routing as well as sales team motivation and sales performance evaluation. Packed with hands-on practical activities, these hands-on training programs are a great investment if you are looking for an effective and engaging sales training solution.


The Sales Success Program is a comprehensive experience that gives you everything you need to be incredibly successful in sales. All of our sales programs include:

  • Facilitated self-assessment
  • Everything DiSC Profile and interpretation
  • PXT Select Pre-employment Selection Testing (useful for coaching too!)
  • Goal/Vision creation
  • Action Planning
  • YB12 Total Focus or Foundational Program
  • Professional Selling Skills Course
  • Ongoing training reinforcement
  • Progress towards goals tracking and coaching

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Professional Selling Skills

This extensive sales training program will guide participants towards uncovering the right skillset and mindset a professional sales person should possess and exhibit. From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover customer’s needs, this program will enhance sales staff’s ability to connect and engage better with customers, overcome objections and more confidently and effectively close sales to achieve sales targets and deliver commercial objectives.

Sales Management

This program will enable learners to have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager’s responsibilities and how to become more effective in their roles in this challenging competitive business environment of today. During the training program, learners will explore key leadership skills as well as the essential sales management skills needed for them to effectively forecast and implement effective sales plans, motivate and evaluate performance of their people and provide the required direction and support ensuring measurable sales results from their sales teams.

Sales Territory Planning and Routing

This training program aims to introduce a simple five-step process to efficiently and effectively manage and plan your sales territory. The process serves as a roadmap to create a complete plan from setting strategic sales goals and objectives based on your close analysis of both your territory, competition as well as scoring your customers based on their potential to following best practice territory routing and coverage patterns as well as monitoring and evaluating your results.

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