On August 25, 2017, Bob Dianetti, of Team Dianetti, sat down for an interview with Staci Lambright, of Akron Office Space LLC. In this great interview, Bob shared with Staci his amazing story and the great benefits that Team Dianetti can provide to any business. Check out the interview here!

Bob Dianetti Interview

Bob has been in learning and development sector for over 32 years. While his first company, Radcom, worked with Fortune 500 companies, Bob saw a great need for small business to have the same advantages that a learning and development department could bring to their top-line.

“My clients are one-person shops. They are looking to develop their sales skills their leadership skills, their ability to function in the business environment.”

One of Bob’s many goals is to help small business through developing their staff. But, like all good training, it always starts with a needs assessment up front. “Let’s figure out where your problem areas are, where your challenge areas are, and where your growth areas are.”

Don’t be afraid of the cost of hiring a coach. With Team Dianetti, “people will see an increase in productivity and sales … As human beings, what we take a look at, what we measure, and what we evaluate ourselves on, typically you’ll get results in those areas.”

People who use Bob’s services will see gains within 90 days, usually far in excess of what they paid for the programming. But if you’re worried about diving in without knowing what you’re getting, Bob offers a free initial consultation and has made a concerted effort to price his services for small business owners.

Read more about us or email Bob at Bob@teamdianetti.com. Additionally, Bob can be reached by phone at (234) 284-2333 for more information on how Bob can boost your business’s productivity through creative coaching.

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