Jennifer Yaros wrote a great blog post about “Attitude is Everything” that I cannot improve upon, so I offer it here in its entirety. Enjoy!

A quote I recently came across asks, “Was it a bad day? Or was it a bad five minutes that you milked all day?” For instance, say you argue with your child over an outfit one morning – do you find yourself argumentative with coworkers later on? Or say you’re making great progress on an assignment, then a client returns with negative feedback – do you let it stall your momentum?

The above quote reminds us to reflect on whether we allow five minutes of something disappointing or infuriating to ruin our whole day. The key word is: allow. Because our attitude comes down to the choices we make, both in how we think, and in the way we view the world.

Here are 10 things to consider the next time you need a positive mental adjustment, to embrace more sunshine and allow fewer shadows to dim your path.

  1. 1. Acknowledge all your feelings – good and bad
  2. 2. Ask: What can I learn from this?
  3. 3. Talk to someone positive
  4. 4. Perform an act of kindness for someone else
  5. 5. Get out and exercise
  6. 6. Think of accomplishments you’re proud of
  7. 7. Reframe challenges as opportunities
  8. 8. Embrace failure as a teachable moment
  9. 9. List five things you’re grateful for
  10. 10. Breathe: this too shall pass

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